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Design & Furniture Trends of Fall/Winter 2018-Make your office a place people actually want to visit

A common misconception about the interior design world is that we don’t follow or enact the changing style and color trends like say the fashion industry might. Like all creative fields, interior design must constantly evolve and change in order to meet the artistic, structural and aesthetic needs of any environment. Trends influence these designs in space and furniture as much as they do design in any other type of business.

“Trend: a general direction in which something is developing or changing.”

These trends can include color, technology, shape and endless other design aspects and can come about from societal changes or simply just time. The beauty of trends is that there is something new always coming and adding to the already dynamic world of design.

Because these trends do heavily influence interiors, it is important to know which ones are coming up so you know the best furniture investment for the future. Not to mention, it can’t hurt to look as up to date and ‘in the know’ as you can- no matter what industry that might be.

Buying for your home or office this year? Be sure to familiarize yourself with these top furniture trends of fall/winter 2018.


The colors for this fall include a bold pallet of autumn hues with bold compliments. Colors that mimic the look of fall leaves on a forest floor with colorful surprises make any room soothing without being boring.

Pair these eye-catching colors with core tones such as white, navy, brown and/or grey to really keep your space versatile and structured and letting the seasons trends ‘pop’ in any environment.



Touches of velvet give any space a regal sophistication- not to mention they are incredibly comfortable.

Raw Wood

More specifically, raw wood mixed with cement and other industrial elements for a edgy, artisan look.

Artisan Textures

Details that have a natural, homemade feel such as rattan, wicker and applique.

Metallic Accents

Moving from the rose gold phenomenon, brass takes a hold of design with it’s sophisticated and organic feel.

Tropical & Bold Prints

Include this years most popular lush greens and blues to turn your office into a tropical getaway.

Open & Interactive Spaces

A culture of openness, transparency, minimalism and collaboration is fueling the open and interactive design concept being implemented in many offices.

This trend also leads into activity based working which features a combination of open, private, team and breakout spaces so workers can work best based on their own style and preference.

Read more about this trend by checking out the Living Office.










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